SMS Polling Service in Mumbai

Create a contest, trivia quiz or game around a product, service or an event to build publicity and increase one-to-one interaction with the customer via mobile medium resulting in creation of wireless loyalty base of customers / viewers / participant

Launch opinion polls via SMS to get public opinion on a specific issue or collect feedback from all your customers / employees regarding a Product/Service/Company.

Enable your audience/viewers/participants to Vote for contestant, celebrity or a specific topic via SMS medium to decide on the winner of public choice or assess the popularity of a program.

  • Features


    • Create Single & Multi Level SMS Contests.
    • Facility to create various stages in contest.
    • Configurable Questions & Answer Options.
    • Online MIS to check real time results.
    • Launch SMS based opinion polls on SMS.
    • It allows USERs to submit his opinion using mobile by sending SMS to a specified shortcode.
    • Divide the Polls into various stages and levels.
    • Online MIS to check real time results.
    • Allow your target audience to vote for different participants/ events via SMS.
    • Audience can vote for any participant by sending SMS to a specified shortcode.
    • Add as many participants for voting service.
    • Get real time update on the results via online MIS.

  • Benefits

    • Build up publicity & increase customer interaction around a product, service or an event.
    • Create a wireless loyalty database of listeners/viewers/participants.
    • Create live Contests, polling or voting instantaneously.
    • Complete online reports available instantly.
    • Vote for/against programs in order to gauge the popularity of program.
    • Catalyze formation of public opinion through SMS-based issue-specific opinion polls.
    • Report based on User response and behavior to a particular campaign which can be used for future campaigns.
    • An attractive medium to touch the users in all possible ways.
    • Revenue sharing facility available

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