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The Aviation industry has taken wings and is soaring higher & higher. Business Class airliners, Low-cost Airliners and short distance flights that is sometimes cheaper than train travel indicates the coming age of the aviation industry. In India too, the aviation sector is witnessing a big boom, with lots of foreign players, local business enterprises and JVs playing a crucial role

There are a number of areas where communication can make a big difference. With a new age communication tool like Enterprise Messaging Services in a revolutionary field like IT, its usage can make a huge impact. The key areas for the use of Enterprise Messaging Services are Customer Relation Management, Vendor Relation Management, Human Resource Management, Sales Force Automation, IT Infrastructure Service, and Employee Communication.

Application Bulk SMSShort Code Long Code SMS Gateway API SMS Contest, Polling & Voting SMS Information System
1. Integrate 2-way SMS Services in websites or any applications
2. We provide tailor-made SMS applications/website for any custom
3. Promoting about various products or services via mobile channel
4. Launch SMS opinion polls, contests, quizzes, games, etc on SMS
5. Launch interactive SMS applications for existing customers, employees, vendors, sales force, etc
6. Become a business partner with Tbulksms and provide all SMS Service to your clients

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