Bulk SMS For Airlines

The Aviation industry has taken wings and is soaring higher & higher. Business Class airliners, Low-cost Airliners and short distance flights that is sometimes cheaper than train travel indicates the coming age of the aviation industry. In India too, the aviation sector is witnessing a big boom, with lots of foreign players, local business enterprises and JVs playing a crucial role

The user-group is now multi-layered, ticketing has ventured into newer areas. For example, online booking is calling the shots, new schemes like online bidding for tickets, which benefits customers magnificently, are more popular. With Enterprise Messaging Services, offers, information, branding, discounts and schemes can easily reach the target group at just the click of a mouse button.

Application Bulk SMSShort Code Long Code SMS Gateway API SMS Contest, Polling & Voting SMS Information System
1. Checking flight availability and schedules on SMS
2. Promoting various promotional offers to existing & prospective customers
3. Informing loyal customers about various deals for them
4. Informing all your existing customers of new destination additions
5. Integrate SMS Services in website for automated SMS alerts
6. Allow loyal customers to fetch information about loyalty points
7. Promote other value added services like Hotel bookings, insurance, etc.
8. Launch SMS opinion polls or contests to engage customers & get feedback

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